Proposed Visits: Exhibitions and Lectures

As part of my proposal I stated that I wanted to visit a range of exhibitions and lectures if possible throughout the year. Before planning my academic year in detail, I wanted to collate, update and revise this list to ensure my plan is accurate and to continually assist with project management and time management, whilst also allowing for room to understand and plan what I want to achieve from each event, how I will do so and how I will then evidence this.

The following list is a proposed range of visits and is dependant upon the course timetable and my personal and professional practices at the time. This list is also subject to change throughout the year.

I will also be keeping an eye out for any other Fashion or Graphic Design led events, exhibitions and lectures across the year.

  • Penguin Posse (Two-Monthly Meet-Ups in Headingley, Leeds)

Penguin Posse is a creative group of writers, illustrators and designers who meet up two-monthly, in order to share their recent, work, inspirations and share ideas. I plan on attending these meet-ups as I do currently throughout the year in order to share my recent exploratory work, research findings and contextual inspirations, whilst engaging with and talking to Interdisciplinary Artists about their fields, their practices and inspirations. I always find these events cultural and inspirational, showcasing work from a wealth of different creative backgrounds and practices, whilst sharing narratives, ideas and emotions. Each time I will endeavour to make new contacts, and engage with the work of other practitioners in order to find common-ground for discussion, debate and thought.

  • Vogue 100: A Century of Style at the Manchester Art Gallery (Open until 30th October 2016 – Planned to Visit on 14th October 2016)
  • Fashion and Freedom at Manchester Art Gallery (Open until 27th November 2016 – Planned to Visit on 14th October 2016)
  • The Fashion Conference Symposium at Manchester Art Gallery (Tickets booked for 14th October 2016)

I plan on attending the above three events on Friday 14th October 2016, with Hattie Spowage, a fellow MA student. By attending these events on the same day, it not only allows for efficient and effective time management and planning, but allows for myself and Hattie to engage in a dialogue whilst there reflecting on our practices and research questions. I am hoping to ask relevant questions during the Conference Q&A, whilst hopefully being able to converse with the speakers about my research question and proposal and how this sits in with their various specialisms in the industry, for example, Stylists, Photographers and Editors. Through gaining these different perspectives, I not only hope to gain new knowledge in a professional context, but I also hope to challenge my own thoughts and make my understanding of my research question even more relevant to current industry. By making notes and recording conversations whilst there, as well as collecting any programme guides or taking relevant photographs, I am wanting to record these for self-development, reflection and research purposes as well as for an on-going reference.

Through attending Fashion 100 and Vogue Now, I hope to document visually how body image and self-perception has changed overtime and how this has been reflected, directed and curated through the fashions and theoretical contexts of the times, especially in contrast to today. I would also like to use this research and collated information to inform my practice and contextual knowledge.

  • Undressed: History of Underwear at the V&A (Open until March 2017)

I really feel this exhibition will be very important in regards to researching how the female body has changed overtime in regards to figure and shape, as well as understanding theories of feminism, identity, self-perception, consumerism, sociology and psychology in context. By understanding how women were seen in the past in regards to figure, status, power, etc, I believe that I will be able to understand modern day contexts better and apply this knowledge to my practice.

I plan on making notes and taking a sketchbook/camera with me to document anything of interest, i.e. designers, quotes, dates, to help inform my research and on-going source of references.

  • Leeds Fashion Festival (21st-30th October 2016)

I am interested to attend the runway shows which will be happening at various times across this event, in order to see what range of models and body shapes are being ‘shown’ to the public, whilst hopefully being able to interview or speak directly to them about my research question.

I hope on evidencing this through photographs, whilst recording any conversations via note form for my research journal and to reflect upon when needed.

  • Manchester Fashion Ball (26th January 2017 – Tickets have been applied for)
  • Leeds Fashion Ball (18th May 2017 – Tickets have been applied for)

The above two events are networking events for professionals who actively work within the Fashion Industries. I have applied for tickets, and would really like to attend in order speak to working professionals in Industry about the issues surrounding my research topic, whilst being able to promote myself, my practice and make new contacts. As this would be a more formal event, I plan on networking through conversation and sharing business cards and contact details.

  • Beauty UK at the NEC (21st and 22nd May 2017)

Beauty UK is a trade show which showcases brand new products which have been produced nationally and internationally, whilst informing visitors on new emerging trends. I have also applied for tickets for this event. I believe this would be a very beneficial event to go to in order to research and see first hand, what new products are going to be launching, what the new trends are and how they will be both marketed and promoted. By looking at campaigns, product packaging, the language used, the target audiences and models used to advertise such products, I hope to create a picture of where the Beauty Industry will be heading in 2017 and 2018. By recording these visually, and speaking to the brand ambassadors and professionals working at the event, it will be really interesting to understand their perceptions of the industry as the ones who are selling, promoting, marketing and advertising these new ways of once again changing our natural appearance. I feel this would provide a great range of research which I can apply to my practice and on-going development whilst exploring my research question on a contextual level.

  • Magma & Laurence King – In-Store Launch/PR Nights, London (Various dates)
  • Glug (Talks and Exhibitions) – Leeds and London (Various dates)
  • Creative Networks events at LCA
  • BA(Hons) Graphic Design visiting Lecturers

The above four events take place at various times across the year, and are all lectures or networking events with interdisciplinary practitioners which may inform my practice and help answer my research question, depending on the topic of discussion at the time. They are events which I found helpful whilst studying on my BA(Hons) Graphic Design course, and feel that again would have benefits in regards to contextualising and theorising my practice, whilst meeting other practitioners with potentially similar interests, or those who disagree leaving room for debate and shared ideas.

I plan on recording these events via recording conversations, making notes and taking photographs in order to evidence what has been discussed and found, whilst also recording my thoughts, questions and ‘new-leads’ for research.

  • Vogue Festival – Condé Nast, London (May 2017 – Subject to Ticket Availability)

I am not sure if the public can access a bid for tickets to Vogue Festival, however I will be researching and enquiring into this in the New Year. By attending such a high-status event, I would hope to speak with Industry professionals, in order to gain first hand research in relation to my research question, whilst hopefully making new contacts within the Beauty and Fashion Industries. Furthermore, I would be able to ask questions during Q&A sessions which I feel would be invaluable primary research.

I would hope to record conversations and make notes throughout the event to evidence findings and topics of discussion.

MA Creative Practice: Objectives & Goals

I have decided to set myself several objectives and goals to strive to complete whilst undertaking the MA Creative Practice course. I feel by setting myself targets now, I will be able to look back upon these at various stages allowing myself to reflect on my studies, my practice and self-development whilst enabling myself to meet the set learning objectives.

I have chosen to undertake a study of the Fashion and Beauty industries, in an aim to understand how and why Magazines and Social Media within the Fashion and Beauty Industries affects our sense of body image and self-perception.

Therefore my objectives and goals can be found below:

  1. To understand the ways in which Social Media and Magazines can affect self-perceptions and issues:

A) With body image (Females, 18-24)/With body image on a cross-cultural scale (Females, 18-24; Tokyo, Japan).

B)I am to speak with both Vogue UK and Vogue Japan, and aim to carry out questionnaire’s or interviews with at least 10 females from both the UK and Japan, in order to gain quantifiable data.

  1. To understand policies and guidelines within the Fashion and Beauty Industries currently encouraging positive body image.
  1. To work with and interview those both actively working in the Fashion and Beauty Industries, and those on a consumer/follower/user basis, to compare behaviours and perspectives in relation to body image and self-perceptions.
  1. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of Social Media and Magazines on self-perceptions and body image, for example:

A) Critical Design led Instagram posts

B) Social media wellbeing campaign

C) Promotional posters and packs

D) Zines and publications

  1. To derive a National or International Policy for use within the Fashion and Beauty Industries, based on collated research, interviews and experiences throughout this project.

These are the objectives that I will continue to work towards throughout this project.

MA Creative Practice: An Introduction

I’m Danielle Muntyan, an Internationally Published Graphic Designer and Consultant, working within the Beauty and Fashion Industries. After working on a wide range of Fashion and Beauty-led freelance and contractual projects, I feel that there is much more within this field to be explored both on a design-led and contextual basis.

This blog will follow my journey on the MA Creative Practice course, undertaking a study of the Fashion and Beauty industries, in an aim to understand how and why mass media affects our sense of body image and self-perception.

I will also consider the effects of various cultural and non-cultural influences such as, religion, politics, economy, societal norms and conventions of trends, beauty and body-image and how this also contributes to a magazine or ad campaign or instance. By undertaking briefs and research, I hope to build a body of research and work which can be implemented into a final outcome to show my concluding findings.

By undertaking self-directed studies at MA Level, I am aiming to further develop my knowledge, skill-sets and application of Fashion Communications and Graphic Design, both for my personal and professional practice.