Future Plans for The Industry Magazine

The issue of The Industry magazine which is to be submitted is the first issue in what I plan to be a series, discussing different cross-cultural topics surrounding the beauty and fashion industries, looking at different perspectives and current issues. The first issue very much focused on cross-cultural issues across the East and the West, whilst looking at how trends, social media, magazines and the rise of ‘celebrity’ and vloggers/bloggers affects self-perception, self-esteem and narcissism.

For issue two, I plan on looking at Europe (England, Spain, Italy, France – the main beauty and fashion capitals of mainland Europe) in the hope of understanding how Brexit and the current political climate will affect the industries, brand growth, marketing, sales and education, for example, in the sector.

I also would like to look more into the ‘male’ side of the noted issues which is something which has not been looked into much throughout the modules throughout the MA. However, since using the Instagram account and realising that there is a wider demographic of those interested (both age and gender), I have decided to research into this much more intently.

I also plan on producing a website (this was initially planned in my original proposal for this semester and module, however the magazine and associated work to fulfil this to a great standard took priority) which will allow for a digital platform for ‘The Industry’ to become a collaborative hub. By this I mean that the magazines will be showcased digitally, allowing for international readership, reach and exposure, whilst also opening up doors for people to contribute via a ‘contributions email address, or call outs (website and social – for relevant content for the decided overarching concept/issue at hand) – articles, stories, news in their country/area, photographs, etc. This will form a ‘collective’ approach to the magazine. I plan on hopefully forming the magazines in the future from soley collaborative content, with myself becoming sole editor, opposed to fulfilling all of the roles needed to produce a magazine. This will allow for a quicker turnaround in magazines (perhaps 4 a year), whilst also allowing for the magazine to have a further range of perspectives from a wider range of contributors. I would also like to keep in touch with contacts made, as noted in a previous post, with the hope that they may want to contribute again or point me in the right direction of new industry contacts, i.e. Vogue France, for example. I also have kept in mind that a disclosure would need to be made on the website that any published articles and images will be digitally recirculated in the form of upcoming issues (potentially also in print later down the line, hopefully) complying with good ethical working practice. By doing this, I will alleviate any potential problems with the redistribution of images by gaining relevant consent and permissions, meaning that the magazine could actually be sold, rather than just viewed as an object, a magazine and a source of academic and educative content. I would also like to continue with social media platforms (Instagram has already been used) and move into both Facebook and Twitter. By having its own functioning website, the content and contributions will be easier and more readily availale to view opposed to using ISSU as showcased in this semester due to the lack of web presence.

I have not had my own exhibition/launch event for the magazine, despite being in various exhibitions, as noted in previous posts (can be located here and here), an would like to plan one for the second issue. I imagine at the moment that this would be local, and perhaps celebrate the first issue also, hopefully gaining further exposure and possible collaborators also.

I feel that The Industry magazine has much more to offer, and feel that this module has allowed for a big stepping stone to success, and has only touched the surface of the what the magazine could become, especially once it enters a digital realm.