Japan Itinerary: 16th-23rd January 2017

I have compiled an itinerary for my research trip to Tokyo to ensure that I utilise my time and gain all of the necessary information required to write my dissertation and understand my research topic. I have found this to be a crucial to plan in such detail to ensure that travel runs smoothly, all places of interest (i.e. galleries) are covered, and that all meetings are attended. Forming a plan also allowed for me to see by ‘area’ what is ‘near by’, allowing to free up time on somedays and reconsolidate my initial itinerary to be more efficient.

I have another version of this itinerary with flight details, times, locations, meeting/interview information, and inner Tokyo travel routes which I will be using whilst in Tokyo, and will submit as a printed copy.

This is also working toward the following objectives:

1. To understand the ways in which Social Media and Magazines can affect self-perceptions and issues:

A) With body image (Females, 18-24)

B) With body image on a cross-cultural scale (Females, 18-24; Tokyo, Japan).

2. To understand policies and guidelines within the Fashion and Beauty Industries currently encouraging positive body image.

3. To work with and interview those both actively working in the Fashion and Beauty Industries, and those on a consumer/follower/user basis, to compare behaviours and perspectives in relation to body image and self-perceptions.

4. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of cross-cultural beauty/fashion trends on self-perceptions and body image.


Travel to Japan (Full Day)

Train to Aiport
Fly to Tokyo
Arrive in Japan
Travel to Accommodation
Travel to Tokyo City
  • Travel and City Orientation
  • Food/Coffee Stop
  • Explore Local Area/Shops
  • Locate Local Galleries/Areas of Interest
  • Temple
Travel to Accommodation
Travel to Harajuku:
  • Meet a renowned Beauty Blogger for Beauty Shopping and Talk regarding Blogger Culture and Beauty in Harajuku
  • Walk through Omotesando on route to Harajuku
  • Explore Harajuku (LaForet Shopping Centre & LaForet Fashion Museum – Top Floor)
Travel to Accommodation
Travel to Ginza (Morning):
  • Travel from Ginza Station to Advertising Museum/Library Tokyo (Opens 11am)
  • Explore Ginza Shopping Area (Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Shiseido, Uniqlo – Open until 8pm)
  • Ginza Graphic Gallery (Time Permitting)
  • Matsuya Ginza (Shopping Centre)
Travel to Shinjuku (Afternoon):
  • Walk to Bunka Gaukuen Costume Musum (opens 10am)
  • Explore Local Area/Shops/Food (Vivienne Westwood Red Label)
Travel to Accommodation:
Travel to Shibuya
  • Walk to Vivienne Westwood Japan (and other ‘Designer stores’)
  • Travel to Meeting
  • Explore Shibuya Area
Travel to Accommodation
Disney Sea
Travel to UK