Japanese Beauty: “Japanese Makeup Look, Haul and Chat” with Lisa Eldridge

I came across this video whilst researching Japanese Beauty Culture and views towards Makeup more in depth. I feel it is important to know as much as possible surrounding this subject area, before visiting Japan, and liaising with professionals and bloggers alike. I also want to be aware so I can compare cross-culturally in regards to the UK, for example, allowing to truly respond to my research topic.
I found this tutorial extremely informative in regards to the following:

  1. It is a makeup tutorial – a relatively new concept which has allowed bloggers in particular to engage socially on digital platforms, interacting with niche communities – however it is very informative and contextually sits perfectly within my research topic.
  2. Explores Japanese beauty trends and one of the ‘ideal’ makeup looks shaping Japaneseness and Japanese Identity for many.
  3. Lisa’s experience and knowledge on Japanese culture in relation to the beauty industry, leading to further research surrounding Shiseido in particular.
  4. Lisa was part of the team that helped create a new line for an Asian market, therefore being knowledgable on contrasts and similarities cross-culturally.

About Lisa:

  • “In 1998, Eldridge teamed up with Japanese make-up and skincare company Shiseido, who asked her to create a brand new make-up line for the Asian market.”
  • Eldridge is now Global Creative Director at Lancôme.

Key Points taken regarding Japanese Beauty, Culture, Tradition and Products:

  • Ideal base to makeup is ‘perfect’ pale skin, with no blemishes visible. Perfectly polished.
  • Foundation is worn that doesn’t leave too much shine on the skin.
  • Different sub-cultures will have different make-up trends, i.e. Harajuku.
  • Big eyes are popular – Anime influences, photo booths and apps available to achieve this when photographed. Also achieved with makeup; opening up the eyes with brush strokes, eyeshadow and eyeliner to rounded the eye.
  • False eyelashes are also huge in the consumer market, again allowing for eyes to be ‘larger’.
  • Brows are not so emphasised in Japan in contrast to the UK or more Western cultures, where there is a large emphasis on this trend, including, brow shape, brow routine and brow products/brands, for example.
  • Blusher has become more popular in the past 10 years.
  • ‘Contouring’ is not a huge trend in Japan, like Brows, opposed to in the UK/Western Countries currently.
  • Nudes, apricots and pale pink shades are favoured, or more often seen in Japan with many ‘looks’ and is seen as quite ‘glamourous’. Red lipstick is not seen as ‘glamourous’ in Japan, it is seen more as a traditional colour, and is said may only be worn with a Kimono for example, giving an example of cross-cultural differences. Red lipstick in the West can often be seen as provocative, for example.
  • Packaging is often ‘Kawaii’ (cute), reflecting again a different culture, whilst also reflecting the known Japanese trends of being youthful (many anti-ageing products on offer from both Japanese and Western brands).

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