Research: Draft Consent Form and Information Sheet/Ethics Policy

This is working towards objective 3.

Below shows an initial draft of a consent form and information sheet for primary research purposes. This is my first attempt at creating such documents, and have tried my best to do so alongside the LCA Ethics Policy. I am awaiting feedback on these from my supervisor, to ensure that they comply, and if not to give constructive feedback so going forward I am fully aware and competent in regards to using and being aware of this in relation to my practice. Following this feedback I will make necessary amends before starting to apply these to my research.

It is important to apply such policies to my research in order to ensure fair practice, whilst protecting not only myself but the research participant/interviewee for example. This ensures topics such as confidentiality, data protection, storage of data are covered to ensure I am working and researching fairly, and using the data in the consented manner, whilst also ensuring that topics of discomfort for example are also disclosed to ensure that the participant is comfortable taking part, and with the questions that will be asked, for example. I am considering sending over questionnaires/interview questions to consented participants prior to taking part along with the consent forms to both ensure they are comfortable with taking part, whilst also giving more clarity on what is being asked of them.

draft1_consentform information-sheet