“What’s My Name Again?!” Printed Zines






As shown above, the zine previously shown digitally, was printed incorrectly at first due to errors in exporting the PDF, which meant the front and back covers exported on portrait spreads, opposed to landscape spreads. However this was resolved through trial and error with printing, whilst also printing from InDesign directly, using the ‘print booklet’ tool, opposed to exporting a PDF.

The zines which were printed correctly are also shown below. These were then stapled, after previously experimenting with perfect binding but due to a only have 16 pages didn’t taken well to this method. Furthermore, stapling implies the traditional aesthetic of a low-cost zine, whilst perfect binding insinuates a more high-end lookbook aesthetic. These were then trimmed down accordingly. 2 zines of 4 printed, were used to form ‘Promo Packs’ including a range of printed collateral such as A6 Digital Prints and A5 Posters to share amongst friends. This is described on the back of the zine, as well as on the mountain-fold label designed in conjunction with the other labels designed to date for consistency. The other 2 zines will be submitted as 2 individual zines in their own right without taking the shape of a ‘pack’.

The A5 posters and A6 prints included in the pack have been taken from my previous post of ‘final print tests’, therefore are gloss in regards to stock, whilst the zine being low-cost and easily reproducible by nature, is printed on a 90gsm matte finish stock. This is also to again stay true to the aesthetic of traditional zines, whilst also again aiming to not look like a lookbook in design or aesthetic.

I had some spare A5 and A6 prints spare so created additional packs of these, and used stapling opposed to double sided tape, as once the label is taken off it can rip apart the card meaning it is unkeepable, and will leave both paper and glue residue on the plastic poly bag which may want to be kept by the end user to store prints/zines etc that are not in use. Initially I thought that this would cheapen the aesthetic however I actually prefer it due to being more ‘standard’ and also as it preserves the ‘inner’ and ‘external’ packaging opposed to ruining both once initially opened.