Contextual Research: Japanese Beauty – Sourced Interviews

This is working towards objective 1.
Below shows a range of video interviews I stumbled upon whilst researching Japanese women and Western Beauty ideals. I found these videos extremely helpful as a recent source of information being posted in March 2016, and also felt incase I do not collate the desired research in Japan as needed to help with my studies due to any issues with language or arranging meetings for example, these videos are good sources of quotes, relevant information from the right target audience and most importantly relevant in regards to the questions being asked and answered. 
From watching these videos it is apparent that most would like to, or try to change their appearance in order to fall in line with western ideals of beauty. From the screenshots of the video “what to do Japanese ENVY about foreigners?! What are they jealous of?” shown below, it is apparent that the topics covered in my first Professional Context presentation regarding the scans of beauty pages from a recent edition of Japanese Vogue showed that many wanted to be taller, skinnier, have ‘larger eyes’ or dye their hair in reference to Westerners. I found it surprising initially at first that such young women wanted to change so much about theirselves all through comparative behaviours leading to diet changes at times as seen in a different video shown below, “Ask Japanese girls about their DIET secrets” for example. However, upon further thought then realised that this influence most likely comes from Western sources such as Vogue Japan and Fashion ad campaigns, leading to the internalisation of such ideals, in order to create external changes. However, this is something I would like to look into whilst in Tokyo, comparing the advertising and campaign collateral of Japan with that in the UK. To do this effectively, I have booked a trip to London in order to do a comp shop to look at such collateral as well as cosmetic products/beauty products on sale and product packaging which can be compared to the same brands in Japan. I will look at Western brands in particular in doing so, and those which have stores in both cities so I can obtain accurate research of visuals etc, with the trips only being 2 weeks apart. These stores will be logged in both my London and Japan itineraries to ensure that this research is carried out effectively.
In addition to these first-person perspectives shown in the videos discussed above and shown below, further videos are listed which reveal male perspectives also in relation to average body weight/height of Japanese women compared to the average American woman. I found this video interesting as it tested the pre-determined perceptions of Japanese teenagers which all were shocked and surprised in regard to the reality.