Final Digital Gloss Print Tests

This is working towards objective 4.C.

Below shows final gloss prints tests of the “what’s my name again?” campaign developed and experimented without throughout this module to date. I realised however upon organising my work to date and reviewing it prior to photographing it in the studio ahead of submission, that the way the documents had exported with crop marks when printed on the A1 printer, had scaled down the dimensions of the print, and therefore, what I thought to be A3, A5 and A6 prints were intact slightly smaller. Therefore, these were chosen to reprint to scale on gloss stock, as noted through previous research and experimentation that the colours and depth of gradients came more to life whilst also being much more professional visually and aesthetically pleasing in forms of a poster print or a postcard, for example, staying true to their traditional print format, print choice and stock choices.

The prints with and without crop marks can be seen below.

These were then taken and re-packaged in poly-bags and re-labelled as seen previously, however using the mountain-fold label opposed to the sticker label, again for added aesthetics and value.

Looking ahead into next semester, any further collateral produced in regards to this particular project/brief will also been taken forward and applied as necessary.