DYLON Tote Bags

This is working towards objective 4.C.

In a previous post, I noted that I was unsure of the colour of the natural tote bags used and was planning on dyeing them with DYLON dye.

I attempted to do so using 3 different colours, ‘Powder Pink’, ‘Velvet Black’ and ‘Pebble Beige’ as shown below, and followed the instructions – also shown below – intently, as I had never done this before. I was unsure at first how the fabrics would take to the hand dye, and in retrospect feel that a machine wash dye may of been better suited.

The results as shown below, show that in some places, particularly on the black tote bags, the colour is uneven and not a true black which was not the desired outcome. I feel this is due to the process and the fabrics being quite thick, and therefore may of benefited from a different process. However, I am glad I have tried this process as it enabled me to test different vinyl colour combinations to choose one or two to take forward if this project is to be further developed next semester. However, I would choose to purchase pre-coloured tote bags, or dye my own bags using a machine wash process. In addition, I would also purchase cotton tote bags opposed to natural canvas as also feel aesthetically these are more suitable and suited to the end user, and would also take the colour pigment better.

I also found that when washed the tote bags shrunk slightly in comparison to the none dyed bags. This is due to the fabric being porous and natural, and therefore again feel this is another reason to use cotton bags going forward.