A6 Digital Print Set Mockups

This is working towards objective 4.C.

In addition to the A3 posters, A5 Prints and A6 Postcards, I also wanted to include a range of A6 digital prints. This allowed me to further test digital printing processes and stocks – gloss 120gsm paper has been used for these prints – whilst also trailing other forms of packaging, using stickers opposed to mountain fold labels, in order to test visually which is more effective and suited to the target audience and purpose.

The same principal is in mind with these prints, with the target audience being those whom are engaged with the beauty industry and most likely in their teens to late 20s, may want to stick these on their walls, put them on their notebooks and share them with friends – once again keeping the ‘sharing idea’ in line throughout all of the products associated with this project.

Poly bags were used again, however this time sticker labels were created on my Silhouette Cameo die cutter which were then transferred onto the back of the bags. Prior to this I tested the colour of the prints on the stock on my laser printer and found the black to be quite patchy. Furthermore, I felt the pink was more in-line with the brand and that black should be included more but in a different way and using a different stock. I would also use a different print process such as Ink Jet potentially or Screenprinting to ensure that the black is a true black, if I was to use black as a key colour again on printed materials. The process chosen would depend on the amount of artwork which would need to be created to make the process, cost and time viable and appropriate. For example, screen printing would not be suitable here to produce 1 or 2 labels due to the timely process involved and would be better suited to a different digital print process upon further experimentation.

I am happy with the final outcome as the packaging feels secure and allows the artwork itself to speak to the end-user, however feel that the mountain-fold label allows for a more visually appealing product and also reiterates the brand, idea and product purpose more instantaneously with more impact.