Updated “What’s My Name Again” Range Board

This is working towards objective 4.C.

Following the development of the cosmetic products as shown on my previous posts, I have updated and revised the range board which sits with this new development (product design) of the project.

The board now shows a range of products, the right hand side being the Tote Bag Packs and on the left, the cosmetic products. A product information label has also been placed on the bottom left so it is clear for viewers which product is which. I feel this range board is much more visually effective than the previous, showcasing how the ‘range’ has developed over time from initial Instagram Posts and Poster designs.

I will mockup and prototype which products I can in advance for submission and to allow myself to experiment further with ideas and processes (stipulations and potential have been discussed on a previous post), however also plan on submitting a final range board encompassing the whole project and what my initial idea has developed into.