Debut Magazine: Graphic Design Work Submission

I have always considered promoting myself and sharing my work with others extremely important, as noted in my previous post on ‘Organisations, Policies and Exhibition Spaces’ and actively look for opportunities to do so within the right context and niche. One of the magazines I read which supports my practice of being a Graphic Designer within the Fashion and Beauty magazines is Debut Magazine. Debut is a relatively new UK based magazine, featuring articles and work from Women in the Creative Industries, and furthermore falls in the line with the type of work I do, the sort of clients I work with and the aesthetics of my designs. I also find that as this magazine appeals to women, and my work is very feminine and currently heavy on female topics per say, I am hoping that this will stimulate and engage Debut’s audience with my work/designs.

Debut in their last edition of the magazine put out an open call for work submissions. I therefore emailed the Editor as instructed with a blurb about myself, my practice and the works being submit.

I decided to submit several of the Instagram posts I have currently been working on as part of my MA practical projects to date. I chose this project in order to not only promote my most current work, but the work which at the moment is most relevant to my practice and my studies, whilst sharing this with a national audience, spreading the messages I am sharing and creating, the visual work itself, and links to follow new pieces of work. I also hope that this would engage with an extremely relevant target audience to what I am currently working on – women – and to those perhaps with similar thoughts or interests working within the same/similar fields and practices. I feel also sharing with other women in the industry could lead to interdisciplinary discussion between other creatives and myself, and lead also to potential collaborations or work in the future.

I am waiting to hear back from Debut, and will update accordingly as I hear anything regarding my submission.