B-EAT: Policies and Media Guidelines

This is working towards objective 2 and 5.

I wanted to look more into B-EAT’s Policies and Media Guidelines as a National Organisation and Charity working with a range of media and healthcare professionals to ensure that Eating Disorders are dealt with compassionately, accurately and factually.

By having a range of Media Guidelines, which can be seen below, this allows for brands, organisations, individuals, multi-media organisations and reporters for example, to be aware of good practice regarding such sensitive topics. B-EAT are known to of assisting ITV write storylines in Emmerdale accurately, to ensure that the Nation, and International countries where the show is aired, receive an accurate interpretation of the illness to sympathise and empathise accordingly in a delicate and relevant manner.

The policies and guides cover topics from Media Myths, Facts, Figures and Statistics, Copywriting Assistance, Interviewing and Reporting, Data Protection/Confidentiality and Image Use to ensure fair practice.

I feel that as a whole this is very important for anyone working with such topics within the media, be it TV, Advertising Agencies or Local Councils to ensure that fair practice is carried out nationally, whilst ensuring that the most recent information and up-to-date data (facts, figures, statistics) is accurate.

I do feel however that under Image Use more could be said regarding outlining a guide for appropriate sized models, and BMI of models that should support the fashion industries for example. This is something which some Fashion Weeks and Brands enforce independently nationally and internationally, however introducing this on a national level I believe would be very beneficial in regards to helping to alleviate self-perception and body image issues but to also support the recovery of eating disorder patients, opposed to discourage it via using ‘thinspiration’ as noted in the policy notes below. I do understand however, that being a national organisation and charity, they have to legal rights to enforce such ‘laws; per say and can only help, and advise.

Furthermore, I feel the information below along with other information on B-EAT’s website will really help with research, factual information and data when I begin working on my ‘Wellbeing Campaign’ project.





B-EAT. (2016). Media Guidelines. Available: https://www.b-eat.co.uk/assets/000/000/072/BeatMediaGuidelines_original.pdf. Last accessed 23rd October 2016.