Tickets Booked: Luisa Omielan – What Would BEYOND Do?!

This is working towards objective 2 and 3.

Following watched the BBC ‘Body Image Secrets’ documentary, and researching further into comedienne Luisa Omielan whom was interviewed by Anne Robinson during the show regarding her powerful voice of sharing the message of self-love and standing unto issues of self-perception enforced on us by the media.

Upon further research and watching her show, “Am I Right Ladies?” online, I found out that she has her next stand-up show on December 5th in Leeds, and have therefore booked a ticket to see her newest stand-up show, “What Would BEYOND Do?!”.

Luisa Omielan is a stand-up comedienne from London.


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I feel even though Luisa is a comedienne, she is spreading the message about self-perception and body image, through satirical and light-hearted, yet serious ways resonating with my own research studies and practical projects I am currently working on. After watching her first stand-up show online, I really felt she would be empowering and inspirational to see. I also would be interested to see if it would be possible to talk with Luisa after perhaps for a short interview regarding my research topic.

By going to this event, I am hoping that I will be inspired with ways of tackling my practical work, engage with topics of current interest in a ‘real’ and engaging manner.


I have also posted a video below showcasing Luisa’s performance focusing on body image, international judgements on women and trends which I found very powerful, funny, and extremely relevant to the serious side of my research question, even though posed in a light-hearted, yet brave and honest manner like my own current work. This sketch is taken from her show, “Am I Right Ladies?”

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