Prototypes: Postcard and Poster Packs

This is working towards objective 4.C.

Above shows images from prototyping process of making postcard and print packs. This idea came from the perforated postcard books, when I was reflecting upon the process and outcome, and was thinking of other ways of binding. I then decided to create packs based upon the same idea that they can be shared with or without messages with friends and family, in order to spread the message on the idea of the beauty industry and its effects upon self-perception.

The process of creating these low-cost and low-tech prototypes can be seen below.

1: Choosing a stock – the stock on the left is true white 90gsm matte finish, and on the right is 120gsm silk finish pearl paper. The photograph actually makes the paper look much more yellow than it is, it is an off white with a semi-gloss finish. As I was using a laser printer to test this idea, I decided to print postcards initially on to each in order to make an informed decision on which to use. I noted that either would need a card backing – if and when produced for a final outcome, these would be digitally printed double sided onto card, to avoid this mocking up process for each set, whilst achieving a much more professional finish also. However, during this early stage I am happy to go through this process to test ideas and stock also so going forward I come into no issues and finalising the sets will be easier. I chose to use the 120gsm silk finish stock for the front of the postcards as I felt it made the colours deeper in comparison to the matte, as the paper stock hasn’t absorbed most of the ink drying to leave a darker colour. I also felt that for postcards and in-line with the poster development would be more in-line with the gloss stock chosen.


2: These prints were then mounted onto 18ogsm card, and cut out accordingly to create the visual side of the postcards. The back of the cards were then mounted with a corresponding pale pink back with writing spaces for content and address.

A selection of 5 designs were chosen for the postcards and 2 designs for the prints, simply to ease the process of selection during the prototyping and mocking up process as I wanted to focus more on the quality of print and execution.

3: The A5 prints also went under the same process, however have not got a ‘postcard’ back and remain white.



4: The postcards and prints were then placed into the relevant polybags – A5 or A6.

5: I wanted to create some form of tag for the packs to not only share what the contents is, but also suggest how to use them in regards to spreading the message. I decided to create mountain-fold cards which contain the title and slogan on the front, with extra details on the back. These would then be secured to the polybags, using double sided tape. I chose to use tape over a stapler to not damage the cards and to also give a cleaner and more professional finish.




6: The packs were then sealed in order to place to folded cards over and secure.




Overall, I am happy with the two prototypes created as I feel they are clever yet fun ways of spreading and sharing a message, and feel that even though the process was quite long-winded producing one-off prototypes, these could be very commercial if printed professionally, perhaps with a larger variety of content and packs.

I would like to produce sets which have different colours tags creating a variety of sets inspired by the chosen postcards for content, and feel these would be good in a larger pack of items, i.e. goodie bags – tote bag with prints, badges, stickers, etc. This would also add a second use to the items I have been designing and prototyping with recently.