Questionnaire’s: On Hold

After beginning to plan my initial questionnaire’s and surveys surround the beauty/fashion industries and technologies, as seen on a previous post, I have decided that it is best to hold off until post-December when I have collated the majority of secondary resources, allowing me to write better questions and gain better answers.

I also want to spend longer looking at different ways of putting the quesionnaire’s/survey’s together in regards to data analysis. I also do not want to conduct research now which may not be as relevant once I have conducted more theoretical research also, and have carried out some more interviews with Industry (i.e. ASOS), as this may then require the questionnaire’s/survey’s to be re-written and re-sent out.

Furthermore, I also feel it would be beneficial to wait until the research lecture series has been completed so I am aware of the research options I have therefore making an informed and not-rushed decision. I would rather wait and ensure the research and answers are constructive and relevant, when I feel more confident with the research and knowledge I will of obtained in the first semester.

I still plan on researching contexts, technologies and theories for example, whilst interviewing those working in industry currently to help shape the research questions going forward.

In addition, with an International Research trip planned to visit Japan in Jan 2017, in order to explore my research question on a cross-cultural level, I feel this may also influence questions.