Poster Print Tests: Matte and Gloss

This is working towards objective 4.C.

After experimenting with screen-printing last week, and since developing a further range of posters I wanted to try digitally printing on both Matte and Gloss stocks to see how viable these would be as commercial prints to sell as a way of engaging with the target audience, whilst be able to collate a final range of prints to take forward into semester two and develop into a realisable outcome.

As previously noted, I didn’t feel that screen-printing allowed for the depth or detail that I wanted to achieve through my design work, and felt that digitally printing would allow for the CADS to almost look photographic, whilst allowing the colours to pop. I also felt that digital posts on Instagram and a ‘digital age’ target audience would appeal better – as evidenced in the insights taken from such Instagram posts which I have┬ápreviously analysed.

I felt that when I printed the Matte versions of the 4 posters which I have currently developed, I felt these didn’t give the right colour impact and brightness which I had expected and also didn’t feel that the print quality was the best to sell commercially. I then tried Gloss, as also seen below which I feel gave a much better instant impact of colour whilst the print quality was much higher. I noted on the Matte prints, that some of the shadows surrounding the CADs had rasterised strange when exported to a PDF, hence lowering the overall quality of the print. This was not the case with the gloss prints, and feel overall they are much more commercially viable whilst showcasing a ‘shiny’ finish adding even more depth to the gradients and colours used.

Photographs of both the Matte and Gloss print tests can be seen below.