The Fashion Conference Symposium at Manchester Art Gallery

After receiving the itinerary for the Fashion Conference Symposium at Manchester Art Gallery on Working in Industry (Friday 14th Oct) I came to realise that the event was aimed more at Fashion Design Graduates and how to start their own businesses post HE opposed to discussing the working Fashion Industry as whole, I decided to not attend as I did not feel I would gain enough out of it to miss a day of lectures. I also feel that now knowing the full itinerary I wouldn’t of been able to aquire all of the information I originally had noted or expected.

I felt that Annabeth’s lecture on Technologies, Video and Animation along with her practice would be of more benefit in advance to the Professional Context presentations. In addition, this would allow me to understand different technologies more which has since helped with further analysis and critique of new technologies in the fashion and beauty industries in relation to my practice. I wouldnt of been able to obtain such relevant and important knowledge had I of missed this lecture in return for the Working in Industry symposium.