Questions raised through Research

Below shows a list of questions which I have raised and noted whilst undertaking research, writing my project plans and mapping out my first Professional Context presentation in relation to my practice and my research question, “How do Magazines and Social Media within the Fashion and Beauty Industries, affect our sense of body image and self-perception?” I have realised that by logging these questions I am then able to assess which research methods can be used to try and find answers, whilst helping to direct topics of research going forward.

Questions raised:

How does this ever-lasting stream of so-called ‘ideals’, ‘perfection’, bloggers/vloggers and social media ‘famous’ affect our own ideas of our body image and self-perception?

Does this form of media affect us and influence us in a different way to magazines?

Is this due to content on social media in comparison to magazines?

Do people still read magazines and see them as a form of influence, or are we more enticed by social media for quick access and ease?

Who, or what within the Fashion and Beauty industries is the most influential in regards to our body image and self-perception?

What culture and history, for example are we missing out on as a society are we missing out on if we are forever taking photos of ourselves, rather than taking photos of our surroundings and those who we are with?

Is our self-indulgence taking away pleasure in our experiences?

Our we sourcing locations to take photographs for our social media accounts, or are we sourcing locations to take in what is there?

How do we feel if we cannot recreate or maintain that “flawless” look achieved through makeup apps?

How do these technologies add to the debates amongst body image and self-perception within a world which is becoming more narcissistic, controlling and standardised?

How does Western culture influence body image and self-perception in other countries due to the accessibility of celebrity culture, bloggers/vloggers, social media and the idea of the standardisation of beauty?

Do we have to look a certain way now to appeal to the opposite sex?

What do men think about the rise of beauty trends and fads?

What do they think of current ‘icons’ such as Kim Kardashian for example whom influence the looks and perceptions of women so much?

Do males and females feel differently about these issues?

How does the pressure to look a certain way, and the pressure to brand ourselves in someway affect our sense of self-perception and body image?

How do the streams of constant selfies and ‘perfect photography affect our sense of self-perception and body image?

How does instantly mimicking ‘the looks of others affect our sense of self-perception and beauty?

Are we more likely to try and change our appearance permanently through liking the results of edited photos more than what we see in the mirror?

Is this due to the over-exposure of Western models, magazines and social media platforms?

How does this affect the ‘everyday woman’ in Japan, her self-perception and purchases/activities?

Brands with power such as H&M, have the ability to digitally create any shape model – how does their chosen model correlate to their target audience and demographic?

How do these occurances within the fashion industry affect body image and
self-perception issues of the consumer?

Brand reputation, awareness and policies/ethics.

How was this campaign recieved by consumers and the target audience alike?

Could this way of showcasing items of clothing help with diversity issues in regards to body image if used in a different way?

Should we as women conform and look at a certain way?