Semester Planning and Time Management


In regards to planning my upcoming projects both practical, oral and written, it was important to me to plan ahead so I can see when I have submissions, key dates, inductions, planned events, freelance work and personal events in order to effectively use my time moving forward.

I initially began doing this on my desktop calendar (see above), using a colour coding system to plan my time, and then realised that this is probably not the best way of planning my time as I cannot clearly see in advance when submissions are in relation to when key events are to plan research, development and practical/written work accordingly, whilst leaving enough time to account for any changes and feedback to be taken into account. Therefore, I felt using a GANTT chart to plan the next 10 weeks, would allow me to see each module together as well as resolving the problems recognised and noted above (see below).
learning-objectivesI found the GANTT chart system quite daunting initially, however through grouping presentations, submissions and learning objectives on the left hand side, I have been able to now work through any issues and populate the next 10 weeks of the semester accurately. I found this rather systematic approach difficult to work with when planning one module in isolation, as I found when I collated all 3, some weeks had an unachievable amount of work and objectives to attain, and found a more beneficial approach to planning doing so by project.

This can be seen on the draft shown below:


From this GANTT chart, I then went on to planning in-depth weeks, which I found much harder to work out accurately as are more likely to change as projects develop, new ideas arise, or problems arise, therefore I have not digitised these as I feel it would be wasting too much time revising them. Therefore, I have decided to keep these separate for on-going evaluation, reflection and revision each week to see if the work load is achievable to a high-standard, and if not, I will be looking¬†to use the GANTT chart as a guide to see when there is time to reallocate. I am hoping that after using these methods of planning for several weeks any major problems can be addressed effectively to avoid any further issues. By planning to LO’s as well as projects, this chart will enable me to see what objectives I have and haven’t fulfilled as time moves on.

I have included an example of how my weekly plans look and work below: