Penguin Posse


Penguin Posse is a creative group of writers, illustrators and designers who meet up two-monthly, in order to share their recent, work, inspirations and share ideas. It is organised by Zeppo and More Please Dennis, and takes place at Heart in Headingley, Leeds.

Tonight I spoke for 10 minutes at the most recent Penguin Posse event about my new journey on the MA Creative Practice course, and gave a brief insight into my proposal and the exploratory social media work I have just began undertaking, whilst discussing the ideas of feminism, narcissism, self-perception, consumerism, brand culture, sociology, psychology and identity which underpin and contextualise my research question.

I found that talking through and outlining my practice sparked relative interests in other interdisciplinary artists, writers and designers leading onto a published Leeds based poet Jaimes Lewis Moran, to deliver a passage titled, ‘Rachel’ regarding identity in today’s society, where culture almost fuels noise and confusion as to who we are as people, what we stand for and believe in. I also found that I resonated with Stéphanie Vendryes’ work, a Fine Artist whom talked about her new project whereby she is interested in the idea of how a photograph can reflect someone in a very different way in contrast to traditional portraiture, due to changing perceptions, technologies and lifestyles. I related with this instantly, and contextualised this reflecting on identity, the self and photography within my own practice, thinking about how again we project ourselves through our own photographs, or ‘selfies’ on social media, in contrast to the photographs which are seen in magazines and brand advertisements and campaigns, or again different to those seen 50 years ago in the same context. Upon further reflection, the idea and theory of narcissism also comes into play looking at both practices – portraits are becoming much more rare over time, due to changing lifestyles, consumerism and trends, but furthermore because we enjoy being able to edit, and selectively choose what we put out in the world for others to see, influencing how others perceive oneself, as often seen within the beauty and fashion industries.

I will continue to attend the Penguin Posse events, and hope to continue sharing ideas and pushing my own thoughts within my practice, whilst bettering my verbal presentation skills. I really found tonight beneficial and would recommend it to any creative practitioner wanting to share their work and engage with other interdisciplinary artists, designers and writers in a relaxed atmosphere.