Lecture: An Introduction to Practice Based Research

This is working towards objective 1, 2, 3, 5.

Today Karen delivered a lecture titled, “An Introduction to Research Methods” which was the first of five research-based lectures. There were several points that Karen made which really resonated with me which I have noted below for reference and future reflection.

  • The idea that, research can be something you look back on and don’t agree with, as well as do agree with. I had never really acknowledged this way of thinking about research. Definitions and research pre-empt the idea that research itself is collated data therefore formulating a fact, figure or statistic for example, so why would you disagree with it? This really stuck with me after todays lecture, and made me think about how within my own practice and whilst exploring my research question, I can question research and disagree if I feel I need to do so, as long as I can justify and evidence why.
  • It can be important to acknowledge the five senses whilst researching, as well as reading books and online journals for example – material can be ‘data’. How can tactile forms influence my research? How does material culture influence my methods of research within my practice? How can I begin my research using physical objects?
  • Research doesn’t just happen over night. Acknowledge the “when’s/why’s/how’s/which’s” in context to establish exploratory, experimental, discursive, questioning and effective iterative research.
  • Research can inform the editing and selection process. How will research affect my practice in regards to both processes, techniques, contextual, critical and theoretical understanding?
  • Research is about finding your way – “Savoir Faire” Dallow 2003, p50
  • Does my practice influence my research, or does my research influence my practice?
  • Research can also include talking to other people, gaining different inputs and opinions collating knowledge based discourse. This is something quite significant which I want to continually carry out throughout the year in order to gain different insights, opinions and thoughts on my research question from those who work within the Fashion and Beauty Industries, as well as those who are active consumers.
  • How do my research findings influence my practice and further my knowledge? This is something which I want to continually evaluate and reflect on throughout exploring my research question in order to gain more succinct and accurate final outcomes which can inform final resolutions and my practice going forward.
  • Research Methodologies: What do I do and why? How does this relate to theory? How will I explain what I am doing/planning on doing? Again this is something which I would like to continually reflect on and evaluate in order to further my knowledge and inform my practice through evidence researched.
  • Quantitative research is often inclusive of well-established facts, science, social sciences, statistical and often is aimed at testing existing theories.
  • Qualitative research is often exclusive of existing ideas, and tests emerging theories whilst being discursive of quantitative data.