Professional Context – Email to Bay Backner/Upcoming Collaborative Exhibitions

I have recently been in touch with local contemporary painter and artist Bay Backner, whom creates pieces of artwork inspired by cross-cultural fashion, beauty and haute couture. Her most recent collection of work really resonated with my practice, as she focused on Japanese and Chinese icons and how they echo Western culture and ideologies, whilst also resonating with Batman’s ideology of the ‘Universal Elite’ within such industries.

Bay describes her practice as noted below:

“Fashion. Makeup. Art. They burn with shared history, ritual and culture. The Japanese have a word for this human need: ‘kazaru’. It means ‘to transform through adornment’, to make something extraordinary, even sublime. I paint contemporary images of adornment – of fashion, style and beauty – to explore and celebrate this desire for transformation.

Source: About Bay Backner (last sourced 18th July 2017)

I started creating a dialogue with Bay via email in mid-June, and have since carried on talking to her about our practices, work and interests, and have been lucky enough to now have confirmed that the first edition of The Industry magazine will be showcased alongside her work to compliment her ideologies with theoretical and contextual undertones at two exhibitions this year. These are noted below. This opens up doors for the magazine to gain national exposure alongside recognised artists, designers and creative a like, whilst being seen by a range of people who have similar interests, and perhaps work in either the beauty or fashion industries also.

  1. ‘Modern Colour’
    Tambourine, in Saltaire.
    Work featured: Myself, Bay Backner and that of surface pattern designer Catherine Worsley (, as well as The Outdoor Print Company. 
    27th July – Mid-Sept, 2017
  2. Exhibition Title: TBC
    Location: The Gallery at Munro House, Leeds.
    Work featured: Myself, and Bay Backner. There is also the possibility here to arrange some form of event around the opening night celebrating our work and how they combine together to send out a unified, strong message.
    Dates: 1st week of October, 2017

This is also a really great stepping stone and platform to engage readers and potential contributors with the magazine ahead of Issue 02. In addition, as I haven’t had time throughout the module to arrange my own exhibition, due to workload of the magazine itself and prioritising this, it will be great to be able to plan for, and to showcase my work at events in the near future, once the magazine has been printed and is finalised.

I also plan on working closely with Bay regarding the opening night of the exhibition held at Munro House, to have a collaborative event.

This is working toward objective:

4. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of cross-cultural beauty/fashion trends on self-perceptions and body image.