Tutorial Notes – 12/07/17

Below shows a list of points raised in my last tutorial regarding the first issue of The Industry magazine. This will act as a check list for ensuring that any final changes are made before going to print.

By going through the magazine with my tutor, this highlighted occasional errors which were to be fixed, and also highlighted key areas to included throughout my blog to ensure successful completion of the module.

Magazine & Blog

  • Future plans (include sourcing exhibitions for the magazine and future magazine to be in/barriers to selling magazine/collections/own exhibition/digital version and website including submissions -> ‘collective’ approach similar to M&H -> cite collaborations and contributions to date and how this can be expanded)
  • Evaluation – independant mag/creative object in curated exhibition around the country/critique with global perspective/academic document -> use to other students and route to PhD through on-going project and further development of practice
  • When evaluating think about how magazine functions on levels noted above
  • Evaluation on objectives and set new objectives
  • Email Janine ‘editors note’
  • Add ‘contents page’ title and sort numbers
  • Widows on social media page
  • Red lines of selfie spread
  • Bobbi – widow
  • Check widows throughout
  • Intro – perspectives/voices from within and people who work in it (reflection on itself and the industry)
  • Add in ‘about’ – speak to work about mentioning company name on blog and in magazine


  • Ask Bay where/when magazine will be shown & ask for address (will be printed and collected next week to be sent out)
  • Kirsty Carver – library acquisition of magazine
  • Look into relevance of including job/interviews on blog?? (Voices in the industry and ethical perspectives – beauty industry and insider perspective in relation to practice and magazine)
  • Ask Justin for 5 copies, not 4