Magazine Pages and Cover: Final Test Print

Below shows a final print ready PDF of both the cover design, and the inner pages which will be printed prior to sending to the printers. By printing the pages myself beforehand this allows me to proof read once more, for any spelling or grammatical issues whilst also checking the quality of images, as some pages had to be altered in layout/image size, due to print quality when test printed before. This was due to missing links in the indesign file, however some images needed to be made smaller to ensure the print quality was crisp.

In addition, since the last print test, it was found that the point size of the main body copy (12pt) used throughout was very large when printed, so each page had to be redesigned and changed accordingly to accommodate a smaller point size of 9 and 10. This however, reduced the page count by 10 pages and also gave the magazine a much more polished aesthetic, being much truer to the point size used in published magazines such as Glamour, The Ballad Of and Vogue, for example.

If any final changes need to be made, the PDF will be reissued, however if no changes are required, then the PDFs will be supplied to the printers and binders.

Magazine V2 Cover by DanielleMuntyan on Scribd

Pages 9th July by DanielleMuntyan on Scribd

This is working toward objective:

4. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of cross-cultural beauty/fashion trendsĀ on self-perceptions and body image.