Additional Interviews/Image Requests

Additional interviews have been carried out with the following in order to gain different perspectives on my research topic to include in my magazine:

  • Stephane Alexandre from Milk and Honey – interview regarding the blogger collective showcasing a positive platform for young women to view online – including fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel and faith.
  • Nadine LeBlond – perspective on the Fashion industry, body image and self-perception from the viewpoint of an Art Director/Creative Director.
  • Charlotte Stacey – viewpoint of a Westerner living in Japan, and her perspective on Japanese beauty trends.
  • Bobbie Rae (Gastall) – viewpoint of a feminist illustrator.

All interviews have carried out the same ethical practices as laid out in semester 2, following good working practice.

Additional images for the magazine have been requested from the following forming a collaborative nature and involvement in the magazine:

  • Nadine LeBlond
  • Talia White
  • Charlotte Stacey
  • Bobbi Rae (Gastall)
  • Nicole Takahashi
  • ASOS
  • Milk and Honey (Stephane Alexandre)
  • ‘Selfie Callout’ – a callout was used on social media platforms to gain selfies from people whom wished to be apart of my ‘selfie feature’ in the magazine. I had over 30 responses from a range of males and females varying in age.

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