Professional Context – Crit/Consultation with Nadine LeBlond regarding Magazine Feedback/Future Interview

I have recently gained a new career mentor, Nadine LeBlond, a freelance Art Director and Creative Director working within the fashion industry (clients include TK Maxx, Givenchy and Hearst Magazines, for example), and have been have conversations with her over the past few months in regard to career progression, interview briefs for full time roles, portfolio advice and my FMP project.

I began talking to Nadine via a mutual connection in the industry several months ago, and find her advice and guidance really beneficial, honest and crucial to my future path. I feel very lucky to of made such a connection via my existing networks within the Industry whom works in the same field as I do, and has experience which I can call upon when needed in regard to both FMP/MA and career advice/expertise.

I wanted to gain some editorial feedback based on Nadine’s time working for Hearst Magazine, and received the following feedback.

It was also discussed and agreed that Nadine would carry out an interview based on my research topic/magazine in regard to the perspective of the body image and self-perception in the industry based on the viewpoint of an Art Director/Creative Director, and how from the design/concept side ideas are relayed out into realised visuals which embody positive body-image, whilst also questioning ethically what it is like to work with brands who don’t do so/agree with this commercial and moral strategy. This is something I have struggled with before whilst working on a freelance basis and with agencies in the past, and I think this will add a really crucial and critical point of view to add to my magazine. This interview/article will focus on someone who creates content, opposed to critiquing and analysing content itself in an isolated context. The interview is to be carried out in the next 2 weeks in order to meet deadlines for editing and print.

Feedback from Art Director and Creative Director, Nadine LeBlond:

“It’s cool. Has some great pieces in and some great layouts. I would maybe work on the narrative in terms of beginning/middle/end… in terms of articles so that there is a natural flow in terms of reading. So work on the contents/cover and work out what goes where… then break up the stories with the punchy facts / quotes to reiterate the narrative.

I would change the order of articles so that you’ve introduced certain concepts then follow with the positive brand stuff. Then compare to a really strong magazine in terms of length/content”