ASOS Image Enquiry Email

I recently spoke with my contacts at ASOS whom I met with and interviewed in February during Semester 2 in regard to sourcing imagery for my magazine. I wanted to see if it was possible to obtain imagery via ASOS themselves making the interview article and feature 100% real opposed to sourcing images online and citing them in my bibliography. I also thought it would make my magazine much more authentic. Correspondence, follow-ups and obtained imagery can be seen below.



Obtained Imagery:


mw-tall-press-approved-image screen-shot-2016-09-05-at-10-04-25 screen-shot-2016-09-05-at-10-04-30

Following this email trail, I contacted the UK press team with the below email, and also signed up for the Fashion Metrix database for ASOS which allows one to browse image galleries and download imagery. This is available only to specific people working in the Fashion Industry, and I am currently writing to see if my application has been successful. Names in the emails above and in the copy below have been removed for confidentiality whilst also applying good practice with the LCA Ethics Policy and Data Protection.

Email to Press Team:

Hi there,

I hope that you are well.

I was given your contact details via xxxxxx working in the Social Responsibility team at ASOS.

I am currently working on a magazine under LCA for my MA in Fashion Communications, which is a magazine I am producing, writing and editing, discussing the positive and negatives of the Fashion industry. I am currently in the process of writing an article regarding how positive ASOS are as an commerce outlet in regard to model welfare and diversity, among with other subjects following a meeting with xxxxxx and xxxxxxx at ASOS.

I am currently looking for imagery to correlate with this and wondered if you had any images available which I could use opposed to me taking some from online and citing them in my image references? I am looking for a range of images which showcase the diversity and positivity which ASOS brings to the fashion industry and wondered if you have any I could use or if not who I may be able to speak with regarding this? I feel it is better to speak directly with you regarding such topic as I am wanting my publication to be as real as possible incase this goes on to be published in the future.

I hope you can help with my enquiry.

Many thanks and hopefully speak with you soon.

Update: 14th May 2017

I have since heard back from the press team and have been made a member of the ASOS Media Centre via GPS Radar, which has allowed me to access a range of imagery which can be used for my magazine, from campaign shoots to product shots. Imagery in the magazine has been updated accordingly to represent a diverse mix of ethnicities and body sizes, as well as using a range of male and female models which represents what ASOS stand for more than using the previous imagery of one female Caucasian model.