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Below shows links to 2 articles which I found and have referenced within my Aimee Song: Modern Muse article for my FMP magazine. I have decided to not include the full articles on my blog, however have decided to give a brief overview of the content and context as to why they were selected.

These articles were chosen for inspiration and quotes for my Modern Muse article which explores how fashion bloggers have been a positive influence on a changing industry, whereby bloggers are also influencing magazines and the design houses, utilising their platforms for marketing, whilst also how one can build a fashion empire and promote a positive career path, even though this could potentially damage self-perceptions.

I have found through my research to date, that many bloggers can project a lifestyle which is unattainable, however Song promotes a route which can be followed by others now due to her book Capture Your Style, as discussed in a Semester 1 presentation and blog posts. This book is a guide on how to curate your Instagram feed to essentially choose how you want to present yourself. Stratton (1996), however prior to social media summarised this well stating, “With enough work people can construct the appearance that they want. Such understanding emphasises the visual, pointing towards a world of gazes, mirrors and spectacles”. I feel that this quote (also used prior to the article to introduce such subject matter) echoes the idea of how fashion bloggers work, allowing understanding for how gazes of phone cameras, mirrors and the spectacles of the fashion industries alike for instance can impact on someones self esteem and also how they work and build their careers.

Having said that though, Song has built such an empire she has been in Vogue, Forbes and walked the D&G SS17 runway for NYFW, and this article also discusses how such online presences have such profound impact that they could cause a tipping point with magazines whereby publications become far and few between due to the domination of online influencers and online presence.

Sources: Last Accessed: 1st May 2017 Last Accessed: 1st May 2017

Stratton, J. (1996). Plastic Bodies. In: Rogers, M. (1999). Barbie Culture: Sage Publications. P.113.