The Guardian Article: “Are you as fit as you should be for your age? This checklist might surprise you”

Below shows a quote from an article on the Telegraph regarding fitness and gym culture in the UK. I found that this highly resonated with my research topic regarding how self-perception and body image in women is affected between the ages of 18 and 24. I found it most interesting that those under 25 saw more aesthetic benefits to working out than those above the age of 25, possibly due to an impact of social media, whereby the fitness industry has also began to take over mainstream accounts, giving an influence and ideology of an ‘ideal’ for young women to aspire to.

“According to Virgin Active’s latest research, 52% of British women between the ages of 25 and 34 would rather look slim and toned in their holiday photos than be fit enough to run a marathon. Those under 25 claimed that ‘looking good’ was the main reason that they worked out. It’s not until we hit our mid-thirties that the majority of us are more motivated to hit the gym for our health.”


Last Accessed: 6/2/2017