Conversation/Beauty Shopping with Nicole T (Beauty Blogger)

Below shows notes made from the audio recording of my meeting with Nicole T, a beauty blogger in Japan. I decided to produce a mind-map due to the audio recording being around 2 hours long, and felt it was unnecessary to transcribe. Instead, main points have been taken and noted under key headings of topics discussed. Nicole also took me beauty shopping in Harajuku, which is where the many images of Japanese beauty products was derived. Nicole explained each product to me, and it’s relation to their current and previous beauty trends, self perception and ideals, whilst also elaborating on the models used, for example, and why.

A recording of this will be submitted on a USB along with all other recorded interviews, whilst being noted in my appendices of my dissertation, with print outs of the notes featured below for reference.

This is also working towards the following objectives:

1. To understand the ways in which Social Media and Magazines can affect self-perceptions and issues:

A) With body image (Females, 18-24)

B) With body image on a cross-cultural scale (Females, 18-24; Tokyo, Japan).

3.  To work with and interview those both actively working in the Fashion and Beauty Industries, and those on a consumer/follower/user basis, to compare behaviours and perspectives in relation to body image and self-perceptions.