Professional Context Presentation 2: Feedback

Below shows feedback written in the form of notes on a page of my script. Overall, I felt the presentation was very positive with good feedback, whilst being within the time limit, so felt that timing myself and really stripping back my script again the day before delivery really helped ensure that the presentation was good as it could be within the 5 minutes allocated. I also didn’t feel as nervous this time, so felt overall it went smoother and felt more confident about the topics of discussion.


  1. Much better on time keeping
  2. ‘Taste’ Book
  3. Theory of Power
  4. Male Perceptions as a comparison? Influence on men opposed to women?

The above comments were made by both Sharon and Gary in regards to my presentation. I have already noted better time keeping. I have considered ‘Power’ in my research on various occasions showcasing how cultural icons and celebrities within social media and magazines obtain power over the users in relation to affecting ones self-perception and body image issues. I do not feel that I have enough time in the remainder of this semester and module to look into this further and more in-depth in relation to my research question however feel that this is something I would like to look further into. This can be said also for also how Male Perceptions have been affected by the media. I have directed my studies and research to that of Female perceptions, however it was noted that it would be interesting to compare theories and findings comparatively in a male context.