Personal Branding

As part of the Professional Context module, I wanted to work on my personal branding as this has not been updated since March 2015, and feel I have developed, changed and transformed into a more sophisticated designer. However, with my re-brand, I wanted to ensure that my brand is still recognisable keeping a feminine an fun aesthetic, colour scheme and tone throughout, whilst using a combination of print and illustration.

Below shows my personal branding from 2015.


Above Image Source

In updating my branding, it was important for me to ensure that a “fun, retro, feminine and 90s tone” is portrayed being reminiscent of my brand, completed works and existing¬†branding.

Below shows my new personal branding keeping in line with the points made above in regards to aesthetic and tone. Each has been created digitally, compiling hand created collage and digital illustration to give depth, tactileness and unique compositions.

Working heavily in the Fashion and Beauty Industries, it is important to me that this is reflected in my branding through a sophisticated aesthetic also.





Below shows mockups of both my updated business cards and CV design, which has been designed as a booklet encompassing all aspects of my creative career, expertise, experience and contact/portfolio details.

The CV booklet has been designed at A5 in order to be able to post out to existing and potential clients.












I feel the visual outcome is true to my identity and niche as a designer, whilst being recognisable in relation to my previous promotional materials. Going forwards, I would like to experiment further with more branded, useable products, such as a Portfolio Look Book, Notebooks and Tote Bags for example, in order to promote my brand in a contextualised manner relevant to the Fashion and Beauty Industries.

I also produced physical mockups of both the CV and business card. Photography can be seen of these below, along with a mockup of my revised website, featuring a similar yet less structured grid system and a lighter pink logo, falling in line aesthetically with the print based collateral.

Going forwards, I want to get these mass produced to take with me on research trips in semester 2, whilst also being invaluable throughout the MA for self-promotion at exhibitions and networking events for example.





Feedback has been received on Instagram in relation to my new personal branding, this is shown below:


Source: Last Accessed 7/12/16


Source: Last Accessed 7/12/16

Going forwards I would also like to experiment with coptic stitch binding incorporating the yellow shown in the print, adding a pop of colour. I would also like to produce variations with white, black and pink cottons. This will fall in line with any other promotional items, i.e. notebooks, as discussed previously above and will be worked on in semester 2.

Submission boards have been developed for this project, and features an in-depth analysis/evaluation of the personal branding project. This can be found on the most recent blog post, and in my portfolio submission.