Research: Revised Consent Form and Information Sheet/Ethics Policy

Below shows the final content form and information sheets which I have been working on recently in regards to upcoming interviews in semester 2. This has been worked on independently alongside the college ethics policy, with reviews from both my personal supervisor and the course leader to ensure that meet the policies requirements.

As I am not working with children my forms have not had to go under a committee review, however should the type of research being carried out change, or should my target audience change, this may need to be reviewed going forwards.

Following the college ethics policy has ensured that:

  • Research carries out no harm to individuals, institutions or organisations for example.
  • Respect in maintained for the participant.
  • Academic and research integrity – being honest in findings and acknowledging work of others.
  • Any risks to the participant are highlighted as well as highlighting positives.
  • Consent must be taken for any research carried out with individuals/organisations, etc.
  • Taking part must be a voluntary decision by the participant being asked.
  • Participants should be given the option to if they would like to remain confidential, or if a pseudonym or their real name should be used.
  • Data protection and confidentiality of personal data and research must be withheld at all times, and must be explained as to how this will happen.
  • Safety for both participant and researcher in regards to setting a mutual meeting place for in-person interviews.
  • Explanation of any technical terms.
  • Participant should be able to review questions prior to face-to-face interview to omit any questions which may be unanswerable or uncomfortable, or to change accordingly.
  • Who is undertaking the research, why, in what aim and what the research will be used for.
  • What will be required of the participant and how much of their time will be needed.
  • Who to contact regarding questions or complaints.
  • The ability to withdraw if so desired and how to do so.
  • De-briefing should be considered post-research, and collated, summarised findings should be sent for approval.
  • Academic research should be designed, reviewed and undertaken according to College Governance, Professional Codes of Practice and the Law.
  • Research should not harm the reputation or interests of Leeds College of Art. The college should also be aware of benefits or risks associated with research.
  • Any photographs taken should be taken only alongside consent of the participant.

This ensures that fair practice is carried out throughout this process, whilst ensuring that good principles regarding ethics are carried out throughout research.

I feel by working with the policy and the key points noted above in specific relation to my practice, I will be able to carry out research with academic integrity whilst ensuring that participants are at ease whilst informing them of  the research project, pros and cons in order to make an informed decision as to whether they would like to take part, whilst furthermore ensuring that all research fits inline with the college ethics policy for postgraduate research.