Vogue Japan/UK Contacts

This is working towards objective 1, 2, 3 and 5.

I am currently in the process of confirming my research information sheet and consent form for participant use with my supervisor, and once finalised I will begin emailing contacts in regards to interview surrounding my research question both in the UK and in Japan. I have already contact a well-known model (confirmed), ASOS (pending) and various freelance clients (Milk and Honey, Runway96, Luxe to Kill, Doko) in regards to interview.

In advance of my research trip to Japan, I wanted to source a contact at HQ in Japan. I could not find a direct contact for Vogue Japan itself, however found contact addresses for Conde Nast’s International Offices both in the UK and in Japan. I will call the London office to both source contacts for my Japan trip, whilst also hopefully being able to source a contact or speak to someone in the Vogue office in London in regards to speaking with them in relation to the UK edition. I feel by contacting both and hopefully gaining an insight from both, I can compare, contrast and analyse their point of view from a working, professional background to that of the audience, and researcher, whilst also analysing in comparison to their ‘media kits’ which demonstrate their demographic details for example in regards to their target audiences. In addition this will ultimately strengthen my research for a cross-cultural study of the issue of self-perception and body image within the beauty and fashion industries.

In addition to this, I have also been using LinkedIn to connect with relevant employees of Vogue as an alternate route of entry. By using this method as a form of research also, I am able to see what experience contacts have to see how suitable they are for interview in regards to helping to answer my research question and support my research and practical work moving forward.