Tutorial Feedback: Professional Context Presentation 2

I have scanned in the feedback written on my presentation slides below in order to document going forward and for future reference, what needs to be improved/re-worked etc prior to the interim submission.

For the presentation, I wrote too much to say aurally, and didn’t feature much text on my slides and feel this is one of the reasons I went over the 5 minutes allocated, whilst also knowing now that I should of been more selective with my content. However, this was the reason why it was asked if I could run-through my presentation with Anne-Marie prior to delivery and submission.

The feedback received has been noted in bullet points below for clarity:

Slide 1

  • Good opening structure re-capping on research question, and re-visiting context of previous presentation.
  • Drawn upon key theories in breadth, whilst then narrowing this down to key, most-relevant theories to my current practice to talk about, analyse and critique in more detail.
  • Give more examples in relation to my current practice whilst referencing slides and visuals.

Slide 2

  • Review citations – am I referencing quotes and facts correctly? (check throughout remainder of slides also)
  • Note Social Media and Fashion – rise of prominence of social media via brands, celebs, icons, bloggers and stores for example – to ensure relevance to current practice and research question
  • Objectification Theory could also be noted here briefly if desired due to relevant imagery, whilst being associative theories of Self-Perception and Objectification working hand-in-hand.

Slide 3

  • Harajuku girls in relation to identity theory, give an International Context to both my current practice, research question and noted theories. Ensure when delivering presentation to talk about relevance of research trip to Tokyo, for example.

Slide 4

  • Citations to be reviewed.
  • Related Mental Health and right-hand side photograph to previous presentation, eating disorders and organisations such as B-EAT for example as currently discussed and critiqued.

Slide 5

  • Citations to be reviewed.
  • Talk about quotes specifically in relation to key research on blog/research question/current practice/recent projects/photo on slide.

Overall I feel more confident and positive in regards to this presentation opposed to the first, and really feel that this is due to having a slightly different set-up in the tutorial acting as a mini presentation and assessment itself to ensure I am the best prepared I can be in order to alleviate problems as noted above prior to delivery next week.

Furthermore, I feel I have not been critiqued that heavily on my content which I feel is a positive and feel reassures me that I am working in the right direction, in regards to collating research to both answer my research question, and to strengthen my practical work and concepts.