HE Institutions: Tokyo, Japan

This is working towards objective 1 and 3.

I have been researching HE Institutions in Tokyo, Japan, prior to my visit in January 2017, in regards to locating large groups of people whom sit within my target demographic audience to conduct research with if possible.

I have targeted Fashion and Beauty-led institutions, resonating highly with both my practice, and my working research question.

I have found that there are 3 main HE Institutions which cover a range of Design-led programmes such as Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Beauty Therapy. I feel by targeting these Institutions I will be targeting young females, whom are interested in the topic of my study, whilst also being with a relevant age bracket of around 17-22 years old, which also again resonates with the target audience of focus in the UK, for example, especially in relation to my recently developed project, “what’s my name again?!” I would aim to either carry out interviews with a group of students, or perhaps even a focus group which may help with time-restraints, however again this may be harder to organise especially with the language-barrier, however this is something I plan on looking at in the next 2 or so weeks, allowing for me to review my ethical policies and consent forms with my supervisor, Anne-Marie prior to contacting Institutions overseas.

During the next semester, I am hoping to begin carrying out interviews and focus groups in the UK with groups of the public, in addition to looking at this in Japan, as I would like to be able to compare and contrast the results from the same, or similar bank of questions, which would be tailored to the audience and topic of research intently. However, I feel by researching into these HE Institutions now, and planning whom I will contact and why, I feel that the process of arranging and conducting interviews/focus groups will be easier.

Furthermore, if unable to book a meeting with the Institutions, I would perhaps like to consider the option of sending a digital questionnaire which could be filled in remotely and digitally, and emailed back to myself, or processed through an official data collection website such as Survey Monkey. Again, I also want to look further into which forms of questionnaire’s, survey’s and interview styles may be used to assess my options and also allow for contingency plans if I am unable to meet with students in Japan, or collect the desired data whilst overseas.

The HE Institutions I have come across can be found listed below, and in due course over the next 2 weeks will evidence any further planning and communication in regards to this particular element of my field-research trip. Contact details and addresses can also be seen below in preparation for contacting the Institutions.

As a back up I also plan to contact the following HE Institutions in the UK due to having such a wealth of international students on their fashion courses. I have began contacting the below institutions by both phone and email to attain contact information for course leaders.

  • CSM
  • Manchester Met
  • Leeds Beckett
  • Leeds Uni




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