Recent Relevant Contractual Projects

I wanted to include reference to several of the freelance projects I have carried out recently with regards to contractual clients, in relation to how the advances in technology used, recognition or idea is associative and relative to my current practice and on-going development in regards to skills, and also in regards to career and positioning myself where I want to be post-MA in regards to a ‘job’ and also in respect to my stance, beliefs and ethics as a designer working in the Fashion and Beauty Industries.

I have not included visuals as it is agreed with clients in agreements that work shall not be shared outside of a portfolio, until the ‘products’ or ‘artworks’ have launched and live globally, however can be discussed.

Milk and Honey, a women’s lifestyle blog with a usp of empowering women in regards to beauty, body image, spirituality, race and self-confidence. In regards to this project in particular I am so proud to of worked on a project with a team of women whom all stand for the same principals, ethics and beliefs in regards to being who you are, and feeling powerful, beautiful and confident in doing so. I have been responsible for the new web design of the blog, and now shop also. This particular blog is formed of content writers, videographers, artists, designers and photographers for example based across the globe from LA to London allowing for International collaboration also which I feel really adds to the diversity and realness of this project. The new design for the website is currently in web development in the US and will be live soon, however the current blog has been linked above for reference.

I am planning on meeting up with my contact in January in London to carry out an interview in regards to where the idea of setting up this blog came from and how she feels it has benefited women in regards to alleviating the pressures of body image and self-perception issues, through using ‘real’ women as its subjects, models and content creators/developers. I have planned to do this in January in line with other interviews lined up with an International Supermodel as noted in a previous post. This ensures for efficient planning and time management, whilst allowing for time between now and then to finish up the project, gage a response on the new design and art direction, and construct a relevant range of interview questions in advance.

Doko by The Curious Collective, is an app which allows for the digital creation of zines using UI and UX technologies. I was quote new to this world when starting on this last year, and have seen today an article written by Adobe regarding such work and the designs produced. I am responsible for producing layouts using Adobe XD, which are then developed in Barcelona and Taipei to function as desired in the app itself. I have been working alongside the Director, Brandon, whom introduced me to Adobe XD a few months ago now, after initially starting to design layouts in Adobe Illustrator. Through problem solving and liaising with the developers, as well as trailing new software, Adobe XD was chosen as the desired platform, utilising UI and UX design within a specific piece of software which allows for the design and prototyping of application designs. I found this new technology really interesting and have developed themes for the app including an Editorial Fashion Zine Layout. The layouts allow for the user to change the background colours, border colours, fonts, images, headers, body copy and further graphic elements for example. Many of these have been suggestions such as alternate fonts to add depth and variety to the zines, whilst keeping true to the pitched ‘theme’ of the design adding to the aesthetic and tone. Over the past few months working closely with DOKO it has become apparent how social media has allowed us to share what we desire, but not in a very creative way – yes we can curate sleek Instagram galleries and portfolios – but this allows us to create our own publications, paginate them and share them in the same way as social media acts now. This app allows for followers and profiles to be created adding masses of user-interaction and personalisation with every theme being unique if desired by the end-user with thought and experimentation.

Researching technological advances in the Fashion and Beauty industries allowed me to focus on app design regarding manipulating images and using filters for example to enhance our looks, where as I did not look so much at the editorial side such as digital magazines and apps such as this, which allows us to create and share our own using new technologies.

The Fashion industry going forward in particular is becoming more digital and I believe that in 10 or so years, magazines themselves in publication format will be hard to find. Therefore, with print becoming more obsolete and user-interaction and digital engagement becoming more popular and more used by brands, and clients alike, I feel this project has been a good learning curve and experience.

Furthermore, Adobe have interviewed Brandon on the process of creating the app, DOKO, which can be found here. This alone I feel shows how innovative this concept is and I am very proud to be a big part of the design of what I believe will be, the start of a range of similar apps over time.


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