Instagram Post ‘Idea Bank’

This is working towards objective 4.A.

In regards to the Instagram post brief which I have currently been working on alongside the Poster/Zine brief, I have decided to post these ideas on my blog to showcase a bank of ideas which I have not had time to execute visually. I have decided to put these posts on hold for the time being whilst working on the Barbie Box brief and the Social Media Wellbeing Campaign brief initially. I feel with only 6 or so weeks left of this semester, I need to move on and experiment with different ideas, techniques and processes.

I have noted these below in case I do pick this brief back up again, during this semester or even in semester 2 depending on the context and chosen project to work on at the time. Therefore, the Instagram insights and analysis will now also be drawing to a close until if and when this project resumes in the same regard as it was. Going forward I will use Instagram to share my work Internationally as created , and to log my development. I will do this in order to still engage with the active community I am targeting for my research, whilst also promoting myself, my ideas and work, and furthermore still gaining feedback and insights on what work and concepts are received well, which I feel is a good and constructive form of criticism.

I found inspiration for many of these posts to date via research, thought, idea, conversation, products seen in shops whilst out, articles online etc, and have been noted whilst out and about in the notes section of my phone to ensure these ideas are captured.

I have really enjoyed working on the Instagram posts and feel as though I would of liked to worked on more of a variety encompassing more of the ideas and theories discussed to date, however all of the projects began to merge and therefore took a different direction, therefore whilst I would like to revisit this time permitting in the future.