Zine Project: Development

This is working towards objective 4.C/D.

I had originally planned on this initial zine to include much more research based content, however, feel that as the emphasis so far has been developing the Instagram/Poster project which has unexpectedly taken off, I feel it is more relevant and appropriate at this moment in time for the zine to coincide with this project also. This allows for the idea of a zine-like publication to actually have a real purpose where at this moment in time, I do not feel as though I have enough research which I would want to include in the zine, and feel it would be better to wait to develop this when I have carried out more primary research and conducted my interviews, whilst also waiting until I have been to Japan and carried out the planned field-research there.

Therefore in response to this, the zine which has been produced is respective of the work done to date promoting the concept and idea behind the “What’s my name again?” campaign, including an overarching theory on ‘Identity’ based on previous research and posts regarding this in context to the findings of Turner and Tafjel (1986). This is emphasised by the quote by German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche regarding the idea of ‘power’ which I found particularly relevant to the context and subject matter at hand. Furthermore, the idea of using the lipstick shades again as a basis for reflecting ideas and theories has been used throughout in an advertising style reminiscent of that of Barbara Kruger using Tabloid red and white typography to showcase key pieces of typography and relay the message at hand.

“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

In addition to this, I have also touched on the topic of social media and how this affects our self perception, the perception of others and in turn how this makes one feel and act being an ‘icon’. I feel as though I have also reflected this in a satirical manner, creating a parody towards Kylie Jenner and her influence on a mass-public audience which is also reflective of the rest of this collective project. To represent the ‘icon’ an ‘icon’ as been created which is similar in aesthetic to that which Jenner is associated, highlighting the shades/theories even more allowing for the target audience to follow the concept, understand and share the message via the use of the various forms of promotional collateral designed, prototyped and produced to date.










Below shows photographs of the perfect binding binding process which I experimented with, however due to having a small amount of pages (16) in total with 9 spreads, it became evident that a different form of binding such as stapled or coptic stitching would be better suited.

Photographs showing this can be seen below. It is evident that using this method benefits from using a larger amount of stock, as previously noted during the initial postcard book development also. I do not feel that visually this prototype lives up to the standard or quality of the other products and printed collateral created, and taking this forward will also experiment with thicker stocks and gloss stocks to again sit better inline with the remainder of the product, whilst giving more weight to the product and helping it feel much more substantial as a publication.








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