Professional Context 1 Presentation: Formative Feedback

Today I delivered my first presentation for the Professional Context Module. I chose speak about my Professional Practice within context of my Research Question for this first presentation.

In general I received positive feedback regarding the content I had presented, with some constructive criticism to note going forward in regards to finalising this presentation, the upcoming Theoretical presentation, and the report which I am yet to deliver. I also found that my presentation sparked several ideas from tutors and colleagues in regards to further research references in relation to my practice and research question.

  • Time Keeping: I was over the 5 minute limit delivering my presentation and feel this is due to the amount of content I had written to relay in that time. I had pre-empted that I may of written too much, and feel is due to not being selective enough in what I may of said – I was told I had delivered the ‘breadth’ and now should focus on the ‘depth’. I will note this going forward when revising my presentation prior to submission, whilst taking this feedback on board in advance of the second presentation in a few weeks time. Looking back, I feel as though the way in which I wrote my presentation was perhaps written to much in a ‘formal’ style I am used to,¬†and perhaps could of noted some points on the presentation itself, opposed to feeling the need to relay everything verbally.
  • Ethics: This was noted by tutors during the formative feedback, and was directed to the Ethics Policy the College has in place in regards to warning the viewers on sensitive issues, and how going forward during my research I will ensure Data Protection and Confidentiality for example are thoroughly looked at and embedded in my practice. The ethics I noted during my presentation, and as discussed after regarding working with underweight models caused my own responsibilities and ethics as a designer to come into conversation, especially focusing on the moral issues I face via working in the industry without damaging my reputation, brand or business as a designer and without constricting my audience, whilst staying true to what I believe in. Going forward I will focus on using the Ethics Policy firmly when carrying out any further ‘sensitive’ presentations, showcasing content or conducting research with the public for example. I have downloaded the Ethics Policy and have began reading through and taking in the points and policies which are relevant to my current practice especially in regards to planning my research trip to Japan.
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding and Japan Trip: Noted a positive that I am going to Japan myself to conduct research, but as only going for a week was told to plan an itinerary accordingly, and get in touch with people now in regards to whom I am going to visit making them aware of my research project, and what I am looking to achieve and how I will this information accordingly (ethics, data protection and confidentiality). I was told also to have a contingency plan incase I do not gain the information I am seeking whilst I am there. It was also noted to look for Japanese Institutions for example in the UK, which work with people of the same target audience to that I am seeking. If anything this may add a different dimension to this part of my research project in order to see the differences between Japanese people who live in their native country, oppose to those whom live in the UK.
  • Looking at the Communication Theory was also noted in context to my field as a Graphic Designer/Digital Illustrator.

Now having seen all of my colleagues’ presentations, I feel it is very interesting how diverse a group of practitioners we are in regards to our methods used, however have similar thought processes and underpinning theories or ideas which make us all connect in some way, whether this be relevant contemporary or traditional artists for example, such as Barbara Kruger which was also references in regards to several other interdisciplinary practices.

I also found it touching how many had related their current practice back to a previous or even current personal experience. I found also that these colleagues would be good to work with potentially in the future on a collaboration, or even if simply for interdisciplinary discussion and idea building.

It also came to mind that many are conscious of ethical issues in their own and surrounding practices, and how this reflects on their own work as well as how it is perceived. Cross-cultural issues were also raised along with colleagues also looking at the contrasts between the East and West in context of the positioning, inspiration or audience of their work which I resonated with in regards to my practice.

I found these sessions very informative and inspiring in regards to collaboration, discussion and research and feel I can also really learn and develop my own practice through working with such an eclectic, diverse and interdisciplinary group of practitioners.