Interview with International Supermodel Confirmed 

This is working towards objective 1 and 3.

I have confirmed an interview with an International Supermodel regarding how the Fashion and beauty industries may affect her own perception.

At present I cannot name her due to confidentiality agreements that her name would not be disclosed online, only on physical paper submitted for marking. This complying also with the Ethics Policy underpinned by the college ensuring fair practice and ethical research is taking place, not damaging or harming myself or the participant.

I am currently trying to collate my research into to put together relevant, concise and accurate questions in order to gather the required information to assist with the unpicking of my reseach question.  I have the option to either visit her in person in January or I can Skype her between now and January if said interview is ready and confirmed.  I simply want to make sure I utilise the opportunity to gain the best information as this will be my only chance to speak to such a person with an incredibly high status within the Fashion industry. After interviewing Samantha Ravndhal via Periscope quite suddenly and unexpectedly I didn’t feel I got the most out of it. I did get very good information and first hand research which has proved to help my practical projects and research, so want to ensure that this opportunity is not lost.

I feel after talking to Samantha and gaining honest insight in how a career within the Beauty Industry affects her, it will be really interesting to speak with someone from the Fashion Industry also for comparison and analysis.