Questionnaire and Survey Planning: Beauty Apps & Photo-editing

This is working towards objective 3 and 1.



Upon further discussion of these questionnaire’s with fellow MA student Bobbi, it arised that some women for example, may take offence to the second form of questionnaire, particularly feminists, whom may think ethically this is wrong. I found this point really interesting as this had not crossed my mind. This form of this particular visual research was to find out what people currently find attractive in a booming digital age whereby many are falling for the trend traps set out by bloggers, brands and celebrities for example over-editing selfies and engaging with makeup trends due to societies ever changing norms and ideals. I want to find out whether this in turn, effects how we see other people as well as ourselves. Does how we perceive other people affect how we end up seeing ourselves or our partners for example?

I take into consideration any ethical issues which may arise, however wish to see if this form of research is beneficiary in regards to unpicking my research question.