Kylie Cosmetics: In Context on Instagram

This is working towards objective 1, 4.C, 4.D.

I have posted several screenshots below whilst looking through Kylie Jenners, ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram account, in order to gain information on new colours which could be used on the posters and blogging posts I am current experimenting with. I wanted to ensure that I am currently upto date with the 8.6m followers which the account has in order to engage with and appeal to the right audience through my critical-design led approach to blogging posts.

I also found the posts below interesting to show and reflect on in regards to the amount of interaction from followers, whilst noting how new shades, are released with perfect timing for seasonal events keeping up with relevant marketing and promotion, whilst also showing ‘followers’ selfies intermingled with Kylie Jenners – allowing for users to think if they can look ‘to the same standard’ using her products, maybe they will be noticed and featured too. In turn this does affect our self-perception, through changing our attitude and appearance to follow a trend and fit in with a certain community.

In addition it is important for me to see what is happening in this community whilst working on such related design work, and especially whilst starting to plan my initial zine, based on Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics brand. A rationale for this decision can be seen in my previous post regarding planning and prototyping.

Furthermore, it is interesting to see how relatively new technologies such as the KYLIE app for example is intermingled through posts, again advertising another of her products, and leading those to download the app showcasing such a consumer and brand led culture of the digital age. Furthermore videos can also be seen on the Instagram page itself, showing short snippets of advertisements, swatches or tutorials from Kylie. This level of engagement and user-interaction, with links to her website to buy products, and links to other tagged members allows for users to feel apart of the community as noted above.

screenshot_2016-10-15-00-49-18_1476565728513 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-49-47_1476565728831 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-50-25_1476565729055 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-50-36_1476565729287 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-50-47_1476565729561 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-51-24_1476565730517 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-51-31_1476565730789 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-51-56_1476565731931 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-52-58_1476565733664 screenshot_2016-10-15-00-54-11_1476565733332 screenshot_2016-10-15-18-32-21_1476565732878 screenshot_2016-10-15-18-32-31_1476565734112

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