Notes from Tutorial

Below shows a list of notes made in my most recent tutorial with my tutor. I am hoping to revise the magazine and reschedule in order to fit in several points noted below to strengthen the magazine and its content.

  • Speak to Charlotte about article and photo shoot
  • Centrefold?
  • China live streams?/ad/juxtaposed east and west
  • Put clothing brands/prices with relevant imagery in magazine (Aimee song/asos/etc/nicole beauty brands)
  • Photography for adverts?
  • Japan photography?
  • Design work in magazine (book that has been published?)
  • Mental health article ‘Backlash’
  • Captions below headlines?
  • Porn chic quotes? Re look at images
  • Check all images are high res
  • Library (library interventions)
  • Re-plan going forward what is left to be done
  • Reflection on FMP to date
  • Quotes from Anon Survey (Semester 2) > Put after ‘Selfie’ Advert (in style of social media famous)