Professional Context – The Village Bookstore, Leeds – Enquiry: Local Exposure & Stocking

As I am hoping to publish my magazine and hopefully get a few copies stocked locally, nationally and hopefully even internationally, I have began researching into potential stockists, allowing for exposure for my independent magazine.

The Village Bookstore in Leeds is known for stocking independent magazines and books derived around design, fashion and art, and therefore felt this could be a great local outlet for my magazine.


Below shows a range of the Independent ‘Fashion’ magazines which they stock online. They stock more online than in store, however even if my magazine was stocked online I could promote this via Instagram and the magazine website to generate sales and interest, promoting my FMP and professional practice on both a local, national and international scale, where as in store this would only reach a local audience.

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(Last Accessed: 20th May 2017)

I also find The Village and their magazines as shown above a great source of aesthetic inspiration in regard to graphic design and cover design.

Following this research, I sent an enquiry email to The Village, which can be seen below. I also plan on speaking to them in person next time I am in Leeds city centre to follow up on my email.

Hi there,I hope that you are well! 

I am wanting to enquire about how I would stock a magazine in your store? I am currently completing my FMP at LCA in Fashion Communication and I am designing, writing and producing a magazine which reveals the truths of the Fashion and Beauty Industries, primarily looking at the positives and negatives of these at a time where social media is rife and has the danger to out-do magazine whilst also impacting on the viewers self-perception. My magazine is based on interviews I carried out in the UK and Japan, looking at this cross culturally speaking to the likes of ASOS and Vogue as well as a range of influencers in both countries, as well as featuring satirical advertisements and editorials. 

I am hoping to publish my magazine in order to share my findings and educate readers alike based on the current interest in these industries at the minute, and would be really interested in stocking some copies at The Village once they are completed and printed?

I hope you can help with my enquiry!

Many thanks and hope to speak with you soon,

Danielle Muntyan

This is working towards objective:


4. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of cross-cultural beauty/fashion trends on self-perceptions and body image.