Articles – Male MUAs: Manny Guieterrez and Jeffrey Star

Below shows links to 4 articles which I found and have referenced within my Male MUAs article for my FMP magazine. I have decided to not include the full articles on my blog, however have decided to give a brief overview of the content and context as to why they were selected.

The article I am writing talks about the slow transitions in 21st century in regard to males becoming prominent in the beauty industry whereby for years women have been in charge and have been the face of brands, however beauty and gender boundaries are now blurring.

Manny and Jeffree have set a new precedent that males can also be apart of the cosmetics world to, and succeed, even though the fight is harder and you can get more criticism and judgements. The articles below tell their stories and also reveal how they have been put down at times and made to question their career and their sexualities along the way whilst following their passions. – Last Accessed: 26/04/17 – Last Accessed: 26/04/17 – Last Accessed: 26/04/17 – Last Accessed: 26/04/17