Magazine & Lookbook Layout and Aesthetic Influences/Inspirations

Forming part of my visual/aesthetic research working towards designing my own magazine, I sourced and collated a range of images which reflect the style, tone and aesthetic which I would like my publication to embody. My proposal stated that I would like the magazine to be a hybrid of magazine and look book, echoing a clean, minimal and sleek vibe, allowing for the photography, typography and content to ‘do the talking’.

I made notes below as to why these inspirations were chosen.


Above: Use of complimentary imagery in the background adds a contrasting aesthetic.


Above: Really like how this contents page is completely visual opposed to text based. Unusual for a fashion magazine. Also has a really good use of strong photography in a range of black and white and full colour.



Above: I love the COS magazines as they are minimal, clean and a hybrid of magazine and lookbook. Subtle pops of colour which relate to the imagery for key pull outs and quotes are also very well done. Clean, crisp fonts and lots of white space allows the images to talk to the reader opposed to being text heavy.


Above: Another example of the COS magazine yet with more colour. I really like how their spreads and gridded and consistent in regard to format and structure.


Above: Clean look book aesthetic with key text, i.e.photographer, garment name. Really like the overlaying imagery on the right hand side breaking the grid structure.


Above: Great use of breaking a grid system whilst being structured, minimal and streamlined. Again lots of white space with key information, minimal text and good photography explaining the text visually.


Above: Good example of an image based look book only using two variants of layout. Little to no text across pages with imagery which I really like as makes the visuals much stronger and more impactful whilst feeling very editorial for a look book.


Above: I really like the use of collage mixed with clean imagery and sophisticated typography, echoing a strong editorial yet feminine aesthetic and tone.


Image sources: collated from a personal archive of editorial imagery.