Semester 3 Proposal and Objectives for Practice 2

For Semester 3 (Practice 2) I plan on designing and producing a research-led magazine aimed at 18-24 year old females, which synthesises findings from both Semesters 1 and 2. The target audience would have an interest in fashion, beauty and the wider context of the industries.

I plan on collating various forms of research from previously covered research topics, i.e. interviews, questionnaires, research trips, theory and academic findings, for example, in order to produce a publication which explores the ‘real’ fashion and beauty industries; highlighting positives, yet also the negative issues surrounding self-perception and body image. The magazine will focus on Western issues, as well as focusing on issues seen in Japan, which were discussed in my dissertation to add a cross-cultural tone, whilst considering target audience and the interest of reading a range of topics/articles/interviews.

To do this effectively, I plan on researching into look books and magazines, to design and create a publication which is a hybrid of both – reflecting the analytical article led content, whilst posing aesthetically as a highly visual, polished, sleek look book, blurring the boundaries of editorial design and graphic design. I plan on utilising my connections, in order to gain additional interviews (i.e. Milk and Honey), whilst also collaborating with photographers for relevant imagery, (i.e. Talia White for the Tam Dexter interview). In addition, I also plan on working with Japanese Beauty Blogger Nicole Takahashi, whom I met and interviewed on my international research trip to Japan in Semester 2. This collaboration will hopefully strengthen my publication. I also plan on including new subject matters, i.e. the Good American clothing line, which is something I have recently found via research. In some instances, I plan on sourcing imagery via my magazine archives and via online sources, whilst emailing contacts at ASOS for example to see if it is possible to use any of their stock images.

Those who were interviewed or spoken to during Semester 1 and 2 for research purposes, signed disclosure agreements citing their approval of use of any findings for academic writings and work, therefore ensuring that the publication is written and designed ethically and according to the pre-determined policies set out by LCA, whilst ensuring both good personal and professional development is maintained throughout Semester 3 and the production of this magazine.

I plan on distributing the magazine via both print and digital platforms. The digital version I plan on launching via an online platform/website/blog in a similar way to that Milk and Honey operate, whereby like minded bloggers/writers/academics forming a ‘collective’ can post articles from different countries for example, or around their specialism/area of interest/expertise. This would also be rolled out onto social media platforms, i.e. Facebook and Instagram. The printed version I would pitch to be sold in independent magazine stores in the West and even in Japan and the US/Canada for example, where many of these issues are derived. This would add a cross-cultural influence, audience, tone and demographic to the publication, mimicking the online platform. I would like to mock up the online platform to show how it would operate/function as a platform, and I would like to research into which stores/stockists would sell the printed publication, as well as whom I could potentially form a ‘collective’ with if the magazine was to develop into a series/online platform in the future. This allows for local, national and international platforms to be both considered.

In summary, the magazine aims to be a celebration of the fashion and beauty industries, but also aims to be ethical whilst challenging ‘real issues’, identities and truths which lay beneath the surface.

This also works towards the objectives set out for Semester 3, which are shown below, and follow on from the objectives which were evaluated and reflected upon in Semester 2.


1. To understand the ways in which Social Media and Magazines can affect self-perceptions and issues:

A) With body image (Females, 18-24)

B) With body image on a cross-cultural scale (Females, 18-24; Tokyo, Japan).

2. To understand policies and guidelines within the Fashion and Beauty Industries currently encouraging positive body image.

3. To work with and interview those both actively working in the Fashion and Beauty Industries, and those on a consumer/follower/user basis, to compare behaviours and perspectives in relation to body image and self-perceptions.

4. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of cross-cultural beauty/fashion trends on self-perceptions and body image.