Professional Context 2: Reflection and Evaluation

This module has allowed for learning objectives to be met, whilst working towards objectives 1, 2, 3 and 4 in relation to my research topic. I have found this module really enjoyable, and challenging and have utilised different research methods and methodologies in order to achieve a bound dissertation for Professional Context 2, collating findings and analysis to date whilst answering my working research question.  In addition this module has allowed me to make critical judgements in order to meet the learning objectives, which can be found below.

Learning Outcomes:



Research discussed in the evaluation/reflection for Research Methods 2 has allowed for the noted research methods and methodologies to be applied to this module in order to produce an analytical, critical and theoretical body of work to be produced in the form of a written, academic dissertation. I have found this process enjoyable and challenging and have found that the management of time has been crucial whilst also making critical judgements and decisions in order to keep within the noted word count. Any feedback given by my tutor has also been accounted for, researched into and implemented where necessary, which I feel has strengthened the outcome of the study.

I feel using self-directed research throughout has been of major benefit to this study and dissertation, allowing critical arguments and perspectives to be related back to modern day, whilst utilising various literatures looked at over the past 2 semesters. Overall, I found that working through the essay systematically and planning ahead has enabled me to produce a body of work which I am very proud of and feel embodies much of the research collated today (both primary, secondary, qualitative and quantitative), whilst also embarking upon new research during the writing process where necessary.

I feel that given a larger word count, as my final draft approached 11000 words, that I could of included more detail at times in certain areas, however feel that the editing process allowed me to refine the body of the text to be concise and to the point, which I feel has also helped with my research journal/blog, taking into account feedback from Semester 1.